John & Carol Hutton, owners
We started coppal House Farm in Stratham NH before moving to Lee NH in 2005.  John's passion for farming arose from childhood, being raised in a dairy family.  He values being successful in a time-honored profession that controls one's own destiny.  John is a registered storyteller with the state of NH, and if you have ever been on a wagon or sleigh ride with John, you will know why.  He has a never ending supply of farming tales, some even a seasoned author couldn't make up.
Carol has had a passion for the outdoors and growing things since childhood.  She grew up in CT where she learned to ride horses and found her love of nature.  She is a retired 8th grade science teacher turned full time farmer.  While she has a hand in every area of the farm, she is our veggie, pest, and wildlife guru.  When she finds time to leave the farm she enjoys exploring NH by hiking the Forty 4,000 footers or visiting various gardens and art exhibits with her long time college friend, Linda.
meghan Kelley, Farm Mgr
I am an alumni of the unh class of 2009, graduating with a BS in animal sciences.  I have always loved working outside and with animals, so when I found Coppal House Farm it was a great fit.  I definitely did not come from a farming background, but I learn a little more every day and enjoy what I do very much (at least I hope so after working here for 11 years!).  I have always loved riding horses, so when I got the opportunity to learn how to drive them I was ecstatic.  it is definitely my favorite job on the farm.  John and Carol have become family and I feel truly blessed to have this amazing place to go to every day!
Hannah Bendroth, Asst Mgr
Twiggy "The Queen"
Twiggy is a Belgian mare that came to us when she was four years old from Ontario Canada.  At 17, she is now one of our most seasoned working horses on the farm.  At 1900 lbs she is also one of the biggest horses in the barn.  She enjoys working with her fellow horses pulling the plough, grain drill, or wagons.  Her least favorite job is pulling logs out of the woods...our once big, tough horse acts like the smallest twig is a 2,000 lb mighty oak log.  No worries, we know where each horse shines, so we let Twiggy work with her fellow horses and keep her out of the woods!
Like Twiggy, Ice also came to us at four years old from Prince Edward Island Canada.  He is a Belgian gelding and he is our largest horse in the barn at 2,100 lbs and standing at 18.2 hands.  Ice is one of our most versatile horses.  He can be hitched single, or with a team of anywhere from 2-6 horses.  He has done every job on the farm and is our best horse to go logging with because of his easygoing nature.  Ice has only one stipulation while on the farm...he is not a riding horse...or as we say "His union card says DRAFT HORSE only".
Charlie is a shire/percheron cross that, at 20 years old, is the oldest horse in the barn.  With that age comes smarts.  Charlies brain is always thinking and he is ready to take advantage of sneaking more hay on his way out of the barn or checking the other horse stalls to be sure they vacuumed up all their grain before heading to the pasture.  Charlie is great with the public and kids, so he has become a well loved addition to the farm.  Charlie was born right over in East Kingston NH and has been owned by John and Carol for the better part of 18 years.
Wyatt is a Belgian gelding that was born in Barnstead NH.  He has only been at Coppal House Farm for a couple of years and is the youngest horse in the barn at 9 years old.  Wyatt is our famous "dead" horse in our front pasture.  even though he is a young horse, he is the one that enjoys sleeping by laying down in the tall grass the most.  We have had more phone calls from passers by concerned that we have a dead horse because of wyatt than any other horse we have owned.  For those that call, we appreciate your concern...we always check, but he is just sleeping.
the ladies
the  Feathered ladies

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