Sunrise In The Sunflowers

Sunday July 26th, 2020
 Admission from 5:30-7:30 AM
$15 per person
**Due to the popularity of this event, we have had to cap the number of tickets available so as to not overwhelm the field.  Tickets for Sunrise in the Sunflowers will only be available online and sales will end once we reach our cap.
Admission is required for any persons wishing to go to the sunflower fields.  This includes photographers, photographers assistants, other persons ages 5 and older. (*see Note below)
This event is open to anyone that wishes to attend.  You do not have to be a professional photographer.
Sunrise admission closes at 7:30 am. General admission starts at 10 am.  Sunrise ticket gives admission for entire day.


Sunrise Sold Out for 2020

Amature and professional photographers alike jump at the opportunity to photograph such a beautiful display of blooms.  For 2020, we have planted -acres of sunflowers near our pond and pastures and another acre of various ornamental colored sunflowers behind our tent.  When the sunflowers are in full bloom they continuously face east, creating a sea of golden blooms.  We will have a couple of tasteful props set up in the field for those interested in family or staged photos.  we will also have the two viewing platforms on the eastern side of the field so you can get a larger perspective of the field!

So, if you are a seasoned professional, or you want to test out what all those buttons really do on your new camera, plan a trip to Lee, NH.  If you are interested in bringing clients for professional photos please see the details on the Professional Photo Shoots page and our photography policy.

*Note: We do not provide a professional photographer for this morning.  If you are interested in having professional photos taken you will need to hire your own photographer and they will need to make a reservation with us.  The admission listed is the general admission cost per person for those wishing to view the flowers or take their own photos.  If you will be hiring a professional photographer, please visit our Professional Photo Shoot and Photography Policy pages, as there will be extra fees and registration involved.  for questions please call our office at 603-659-3572.

Those looking to stay close by on Friday night can check out the local accommodations:

The Plumer Homestead

Blue Bell Greenhouses (airbnb)

Three Chimneys Inn, Durham NH

Holiday Inn, Durham NH

Exeter NH Inns & Hotels

Portsmouth NH Hotels

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