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Our Wish Kids

Matthew’s Wish

Granted Summer 2020


Matthew is an adventurous and outgoing 13-year-old.  He enjoys reading comic books, watching Star Wars and playing video games.  Matthew also likes spending time outside doing various activities like skiing, playing soccer, and biking.  Before being diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, Matthew was a social butterfly who loved being active, hanging with his friends and going to the mall.  His diagnosis made all of his favorite things so much more difficult.

Matthew had always been a big fan of video games and connecting with his friends, virtually, while playing them.  When Matthew realized he was eligible for a wish, he new exactly what he wanted...a gaming system!  Now Matthew can play his favorite games like Fortnite and Minecraft, while connecting with his friends in style with high speed!

Thank you for making wishes like Matthew's possible.

*This is our first "silent wish" that we have granted at the farm.  We are honoring the families privacy by changing the child's name and not providing a picture.  Picture or no picture, we are so grateful to be able to brighten a child's life through our Sunflower Festival and are only able to do this with the help of the customers that support us!

Sophia's Wish

Granted Summer 2019

Sophia is a courageous, kind five year old.  She is a "thrill seeker" who never fails to find laughter.  A high-spirited individual known by her parents as the "always happy girl."  Caring and gleeful, she loves befriending animals.  She even has her own dance her parents call the "Sophia Thing" as she twirls her head and excitedly waves.  Sophia is a cheerful and daring child.

Although Sophia's life has not been easy, through Make A Wish New Hampshire, Sophia was able to experience an unforgettable journey with her family.  Together, the family went on a special trip to Disney to meet many of the characters Sophia adores.  Sophia and her family were escorted by the organization Give Kids The World.

At the beautiful villas of Give Kids The World, Sophia could be adventurous and dive into Disney.  Through her wish Sophia was able to travel to the magical land of fairytales.  Sophia was given the royal treatment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo salon, where every girl can feel like Cinderella.  Sophia's time at Disney was truly enchanting for both the family and Sophia, allowing the whole family to escape to another world.  Sophia discovered how she too is a strong, brave princess who has had her own share of battles.  But her fearlessness shined through and continues to shine.  Sophia's wish provided her with a wonderful opportunity to see and share the light she radiates each and every day.


Emma’s Wish

Granted Summer 2019


Emma is a thoughtful, adventurous nine-year old.  She loves to explore the outdoors, often escaping into the woods.  Emma loves helping others, she enjoys working at her family's restaurant with her parents.  She is very compassionate and caring, always there to lend a hand.  It's no surprise that Emma designed her wish to include a place for both her family and friends.

When thinking of all the possibilities for her wish, Emma kept returning to the idea of a tree house.   She envisioned a magical area hidden in the woods.  Her idea was colorful with vision and inspiration.  Thanks to Make A Wish New Hampshire, Emma's vision came to life.  Her tree house has become a special hideaway where she can dream and relax on her own.  Her hideaway is a personal place to get lost in her books and games.  However she loves to share her space with friends and family, inviting them to journey to her outdoor wonderland.

The tree house blossomed from a hopeful dream to a wish come true.  This remarkable tree house has changed Emma, as she is able to break away and discover her own adventures.    Her wish allows an escape from all the difficulty she has endured and provides a fun and bright place for a kindhearted, bright young girl.  Emma's wish has empowered her to grow and flourish just like her treehouse blooming into her own magical world.


Ranger’s Wish 

Granted Summer 2018

Ranger is a talented hockey player. Headaches curtailed his playing time, so he chose to seek help from his doctor. To everyone’s surprise and devastation, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor! Since then he suffered through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments, but did not let their effects stop him from continuing to play hockey. Imagine how his family worried each time he stepped onto the rink!


When he is not on the ice, Ranger enjoys reading Calvin & Hobbs, doing puzzles, building with Legos, and playing video games. Among his food passions are Trix cereal, Lexie’s burgers, and Extra Toasty Cheez-its. As a true New Englander, he is a fan of the Red Sox and the Patriots.  


Thanks to you Ranger and his family were able to have the time of their lives at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Cameron’s Wish

Granted Summer 2018


When the Wish Granters visited twelve year old Cameron they discovered that he enjoys sculpting with clay, building with Legos, and drawing, when not at school. He also enjoys spending time with his family. He has a nine year old brother, Logan, and an Alaskan Malamute named Athena. His favorite place to go on vacation is to Cape Neddick, Maine, where his great aunt and uncle have a camp.


At age 3 Cameron was diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes. This is a chronic, auto immune condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin. Cameron uses an insulin to help manage his diabetes. In 2017 he was diagnosed with Childhood Onset Absence Epilepsy (also known as petite mal (seizures). Currently his seizures are well-controlled with daily medication. Recently a build-up of fluid on the brain, causing intense, frequent headaches, required him to undergo more surgery, which has been successful so far.

Cameron’s wish granters visited him and he shared that he and his brother have always dreamed of one day going to Disney World. They knew this dream was not financially possible for their family. Thanks to everyone who supported the Coppal House Farm Sunflower Festival in the summer of 2018, Cameron's Wish of going to Disney World came true! He absolutely loved the Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom and his favorite part was certainy the many tasty treats that Disney World had to offer!


The granting of Cameron’s Wish shows how different groups of people can work in concert to create magic for children facing critical illnesses.

Elizabeth's Wish

Granted Summer 2017

Elizabeth is a 5 year old girl with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of cancer that causes the bone marrow to produce too many immature white blood cells. Elizabeth is enamored with Moana, the character from the Disney film. The Moana soundtrack is her favorite album and she even has all of the Moana figurines from the movie! When Elizabeth was offered her wish, it was no surprise she chose to meet Moana!


Elizabeth’s wish trip started with a Limo ride to the airport, where she and her family were then sent off to Hawaii for a 6 day excursion! Once they touched down, they were checked into the Aulani Disney Spa and Resort. On the resort, Elizabeth and her family had access to a host of amenities including pools, water slides, a surfing fishing and dancing party, a kids club, and much more!

All of these activities were a bonus for Elizabeth, whose favorite moment came when she finally had the opportunity to meet and dance with Moana!  The ecstatic Elizabeth even got to wear a Moana themed outfit when they met!  Elizabeth's week of joy was spent with her sister and parents, a family experience they won't soon forget!

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