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118 North River Rd

Lee, NH 03861

7/27/23 - 8/4/23 Hours


10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Additional Hours

These additional hours are for specific preticketed events.  More info on Hours & Admissions page

Friday 7/26

​Sunday 7/28

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

5:30 am – 7:30 am

For regular farm hours outside of our Sunflower Festival, please visit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to go to the sunflower field?


When tickets are purchased ahead of time online, the weekend general admission is $12 per person ages 13 and older, $10 for children ages 5-12, seniors (65+) & active/retired military.  Weekday admission is $8 per person ages 13 and older, $6 for children ages 5-12, seniors (65+) & active/retired military.  4 yrs & under are free.

When tickets are purchased at the door, the weekend general admission is $16 per person ages 13 and older, $14 for children ages 5-12, seniors (65+) & active/retired military.  Weekday admission is $12 per person ages 13 and older, $10 for children ages 5-12, seniors (65+) & active/retired military.  4 yrs & under are free.


We donate 10% of the total profits to preselected local charities at the end of the festival.

What does the farm stand accept for payment?

The farm stand accepts cash, credit and local check (with phone number).

Can I bring my well behaved dog to the sunflower field?

No, we are a pet free farm, please make plans to leave your fur and feather babies at home.

Can I bring my emotional support animal to the farm?

Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Coppal House Farm requires guests to leave pets at home to provide a safer and more positive experience for all attendees, including those pets.


Service animals are defined as working animals trained to perform tasks for the benefit of individuals with physical or mental disabilities- such as guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are deaf, alerting and projecting people prone to seizures , or other tasks directly related to a disability and are welcome at Coppal House Farm.

Are your farm and the sunflower fields handicap accessible?

Yes, for the most part it is.  There is handicap parking at the closest portion of our parking lot.  However, this is a sprawling working farm and there is a significant amount of walking to reach the picnic area and then the sunflower field beyond.  Our paths in the sunflower field are certainly wide enough to allow wheelchairs through, but you would need assistance in pushing it.  We have gravel and dirt roadways leading to the farm stand and main picnic area.  Beyond that are hay fields with mowed paths that are grassed in and uneven.  You are always welcome to call ahead prior to your visit to discuss your needs.


Due to the amount of foot traffic during our festival, we cannot allow vehicles to drive closer to the fields.  If you have limited mobility, we encourage you to visit during our limited mobility day when we set up a parking lot next to our sunflower variety garden.  More information about our limited mobility day can be found here.

Do I have to buy tickets ahead of time for the festival?​

No, but we encourage you to do so as the tickets purchased online are discounted compared to purchasing them at the door.  You can Click Here to purchase tickets online, or you can purchase admission when you arrive at the farm for your visit.  Online tickets available starting June 15th.

I bought online tickets and I can't find them.  What should I do?

No worries!  We can look up your order on our ticket scanning app and get you checked in that way!

Something happened and I can't come on the day that I purchased my online tickets for.  Can I come another day?

Yes, you can use your confirmation email to make changes to your ticket, or we will honor your tickets on another day and you can pay the difference in ticket cost if there is one when you arrive. 

How do I know if the farm has reached capacity?

While we have never had this happen, we have been very busy...We will post on our website home page, Facebook, and our office voicemail if we have to close the farm for any reason and when it has reopened.

If I can't make it to the festival during the scheduled dates, can I come see the sunflowers another time?

Yes you can!  While we plan the festival dates for the best blooming period of our large oil seed sunflower field, we have a sprawling display garden filled with many sunflower varieties that is scheduled to bloom during the festival and will also be open from August 6 - August 12!  For more information see our Hours & Admissions page.

Can I bring a professional photographer to have my senior photos, engagement photos, or family photos taken in the sunflower field?

Yes, of course!  We would love for you to use our farm for your photos.  Please see our Photography page for details.

What is the best time of day to photograph the sunflowers?

All day!  Have fun with it!  The lighting changes the flowers throughout the day, so try taking photos at different times.  You won't be disappointed.

Can I take photos of the sunflowers before 10 am?

Yes, the morning of Sunday July 28th we will be open for check-in between 5:30 - 7:30 am for sunrise photos.  Tickets must be purchased ahead by Clicking Here.  You are welcome to remain in the field as long as you'd like, but you must check in by 7:30 am.  Our fields reopen for general admission from 10 am until 6 pm.

What happens if I have a sunrise ticket but don't check in by 7:30 am?

Your ticket will still be honored during regular business hours (10 am - 6 pm) the same day as the sunrise event.  No refunds will be given for the difference in ticket price.

Can I leave and come back later?

Yes!  Re-entry is allowed between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm with the wristband you receive at your initial check-in.  If you have a ticket for our Sunrise Session, you may arrive between 5:30 and 7:30 am on the scheduled date of the event, leave, and then return same day during general admission hours from 10 am - 6 pm.  The farm stand and check-in will close between 7:30 am and 10 am on the morning of Sunrise in the Sunflowers.  Your sunrise ticket will still be honored if you don't arrive by 7:30 am, but you will not be able to check in until 10 am.

Become A Vendor or Volunteer

Craft Food, & Music Vendors

Coppal House Farm's sunflower festival draws over 10,000 people every year to the farm.  No matter your age or interest, there is something here for everyone.  We accept applications every year for our Craft Fair, Food Vending, and Live Music.  Coppal House Farm gives food and music vendors from the previous year first opportunity to secure space, therefore any room for new vendors is very limited if available at all.  If you have any questions, please email us.  Important Note:  Sending this information does not automatically reserve a space.  You will be notified of space allotment if there are openings.

Craft Fair Application

Food Vendor Application

Musicians email with contact info and sample music, we will forward it to our music coordinator

For questions regarding craft or food vending, please contact Meghan at


Volunteers support the Festival in a number of ways.  Your volunteerism allows us to increase our donation to the many local charities we support.  Groups and individuals will enjoy a fun-filled weekend of helping others by assisting with Checking Wristbands, Children's Activities, Picking Sunflower Stems and Visitor Information.

Consider volunteering at our festival for community service hours.

Volunteers receive a festival t-shirt and one admission to the festival as a thank-you!


To volunteer (must be 16 or older), please complete a

Volunteer Application

or contact Hannah at


Sunflower Festival Charities

From the joy these fields of sunflowers bring, came the desire to give back to our community.  We partnered with Make-A-Wish NH in 2016 as they are an organization we connected with because of their work with families.  Our farm is a family destination, and Make-A-Wish NH works with children and families facing life-threatening illnesses.  We have enjoyed working with them for the last seven years and look forward to many more.  We started by donating 10% of admissions from the Sunflower Festival.  In 2017, we were thrilled to find out that we were able to fulfill the whole cost of a wish for a very deserving little girl.  In 2018, we doubled our donation fulfilling two wishes!  Over the last seven years, we have been able to donate over $90,000 and fulfilled 6 wishes.

In 2022, we felt drawn to providing more assistance to our immediate community.  There are so many incredibly generous non-profit charities that provide a vast array of services to our local community.  We open nominations in February for anyone to submit a charity they would like to have considered for the upcoming year's festival.  In order for a charity to be considered, they must provide a service back to the local community.  Simply having non-profit status does not qualify all organizations.

This year we will be donating 10% of farm profits split between three local seacoast organizations.  The 2023 organizations are:

Community Partners

Seacoast Family Promise


We still hold our annual Make-A-Wish Raffle during the festival (info on our festival happenings page), proceeds from which will solely benefit Make-A-Wish NH.

We know none of this would be possible without all of you that come to enjoy the sunflowers with us.  Thank you for your generosity to our farm and the community.  We look forward to seeing you all!

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